Unsplash / @mitchel3uo

When I started doing photography, I just took photos of anything that looked interesting to me, but I had no idea how other people think of my photos. Thanks to my colleague and good friend Steffi, she recommended me to upload photos to Unplash. It is a place that photographers can share their high definition photos and get exposed while users can download and use them for free. Weeks after uploading photos on Unplash, one of my photos got promoted into the home page feed. I was supprised that the number of views and downloads went crazy. It motivated me to continue taking and uploading more photos. Now I have shared over 2,700 photos on Unaplsh and over 300 of them were featured. And there are more than 250 million views and over 1 million downloads. These numbers are still growing and I can’t imagine how it happended.

Pexels / @mitchel3uo

I found Pexels later and it does a bit different to Unsplash. They run challenges and leaderboard to create a more competitive environment. Becoming a Pexels Hero is also a affirmation of photographers. Even though I don’t upload as many photos as I did on Unplash, but I pick photos that I want to be known about. Thanks to the Pexels team, I was invited to become a Pexels Hero. This motivates me to keep uploading photos to Pexels.

I am very happy about my photos are shared and used by so many people all around the world. Sometimes I use google search to find out how my photos are used. When I see my photos are used in real world cases. That’s the biggest compliment to me. Thank you all who like and use my photos. Aappreciate!